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Vous traversez une zone d'ombre ? Vous trouverez sûrement ici de quoi vous éclairer.

  • Is it an Escape Game?
    Not quite. The PANIK ROOM is more like an immersive horror game where every detail is thought out to immerse you in a horror movie.
  • Are there any rules to follow?
    Yes! The PANIK ROOM is an experience featuring actors, it is imperative to respect the following rules to ensure the safety of the players and the technical team: - Never run while exploring - No violent gestures or actions against any person or material - Follow the guidelines of the game operator Failure to comply with these rules would be sanctioned by the immediate interruption of the activity.
  • How many players explore the house?
    All players will be able to explore the house one after the other.
  • Am I really in the dark while exploring?
    Yes, you will wear a light-blocking visor. The temporary loss of sight will stimulate your other senses but especially your imagination.
  • Are we in danger during the exploration?
    You are completely safe while exploring. Your only enemy will be your imagination.
  • Am I obligated to explore the haunted house?
    No. Nothing forces you to. You can decide to remain "Guide" for the duration of the game. Some players take more pleasure in playing the role of guide than that of hunter. But we will encourage you to do both.
  • Can someone or something touch me while exploring?
    Yes it can happen. Spirits can have multiple behaviors. But rest assured, no brutal or violent gesture. However, we advise you not to provoke them.
  • Can I stop the exploration part way through if I can't stand being in the dark anymore?
    Yes of course! The PANIK ROOM is a game, not a torture. If the experience becomes uncomfortable, you can signal it at any time by a sign of the cross of the hands.
  • I hesitate to   book if the activity is   too scary...
    Rest assured, we adapt the exploration to the sensitivity of the player. For the less adventurous, we suggest, for example, exploring the house in pairs.
  • Who can participate?
    All thrill seekers! The experience is accessible from 16 years old and up to 12 years old if accompanied by an adult. The activity is strongly discouraged for pregnant women and people with heart problems. Please note that it is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
  • How much can you participate in?
    You can come as a team of 3 to 6 people. The experience is not accessible for 2 players.
  • L'activité est-elle disponible en d'autre langues ?
    L'affaire du Manoir Deveaux est accessible en anglais et en français. L'affaire des Cobayes est seulement accessible en français. Une version en Anglais est en cours de préparation.
  • How is payment made?
    Payment is made exclusively online by credit card when making your reservation. The transaction is completely secure.
  • Can I cancel or modify a reservation?
    In accordance with article 121-21-8 of the consumer code, the PANIK ROOM being a live event, no cancellation is possible after confirmation of the reservation. Subject to acceptance, you can postpone your session to a specific date if the request is made at least one week in advance.
  • How to do if a person withdraws when the reservation included it in the price?
    If a member of your group withdraws, we will refund the difference with the lower group rate, provided you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Ex: you have paid for a reservation for 6 players (204€) but you are ultimately only 5 players (185€): we will refund you 19€.
  • Can we add an extra person after making the reservation?
    No problem. All you have to do is notify us by email of the additional person. We will send you a payment link to proceed with the update.
  • Can we book for more than 6 players?
    Yes, you can include a 7th person. All you have to do is book for 6 players and notify us by email of the presence of a 7th person. A supplement of 34€ will be payable on site. Please note that an exploration will necessarily be done in pairs.

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